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Thanksgiving Jokes

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Q: What should you wear to Thanksgiving dinner?

Q: Why can't you take a turkey to church?
A: They use fowl language

Q: Who is not hungry at Thanksgiving?
A: The turkey because he's already stuffed

Q: What happened to the Pilgrim who was shot at by an Indian?
A: He had an arrow escape

Q: Why did the police arrest the turkey?
A: They suspected it of fowl play

Q: What did the mama turkey say to her naughty son?
A: If your father could see you now, he'd turn over in his gravy!

Q: Why did they let the turkey join the band?
A: Because he had the drumsticks

Q: What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?
A: Plymouth Rock

Q: What happened to the turkey who got into a fight?
A: He got the stuffing knocked out of him!

Q: If a large turkey is called a gobbler, what is a small one called?
A: Goblet

Q: What was the turkey arrested for?
A: Fowl play

Q: What does Dracula call Thanksgiving?
A: Fangs-giving

Q: Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?
A: It contained 24 carrots

Q: What did baby corn say to mama corn?
A: Where's popcorn?

Q: What do you get when you cross a turkey with a banjo?
A: A turkey that can pluck itself

Q: What's the key to a great Thanksgiving dinner?
A: The tur-KEY

Q: What sound does a space turkey make?
A: Hubble, Hubble, Hubble!

Q: What's the best dance to do on Thanksgiving?
A: The turkey trot

Q: What do Black Friday shoppers and the Thanksgiving turkey have in common?
A: They know what it's like to be jammed into a small place and stuffed!

Q: What did the woman tell the turkey about men?
A: "Don't worry, they only love us for our breasts too"

Q: If the Pilgrims were alive today, what would they be most famous for?
A: Their age!

Q: What's the best way to stuff a turkey?
A: Serve him lots of pizza and ice cream

Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
A: Pilgrims

Q: What sound does a turkey's phone make?
A: Wing! Wing!

Q: What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an evil spirit?
A: A poultry-geist

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