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Superman Jokes for Comic Book Fans

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Q: What do you get if you cross the man of steel with a hot vegetable broth?
A: Souperman!

Q: What would you find in Superman's Kitchen?
A: The Superbowl

Q: Where does Superman park his privates?
A: On Lois Lane

Q. Whats the difference between Superman and a unicorn?
A. Nothing, they're both fictional characters

Q: What is Supermans favorite drink?
A: Fruit Punch

Q: What does Superman put in his beverages?
A: Just ice

Q: Why did Superman flush the toilet?
A: Because it was his duty!

Q: What is Superman’s favorite part of the joke?
A: The Punch Line

Q: What did Superman say when he married two Women on the same day?
A: That's mighty bigamy!

Q: What did Lex Luthor say when he did the same thing, then killed the women?
A: That's awful bigamy!

Q: What is Superman's greatest weakness?
A: A bucking horse.

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