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Pizza Jokes

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Q: Why do Polish names end in "ski”?
A: Because they can't spell tobbagan.

Q: Why wasn’t the new football stadium in Warsaw any good?
A: Because no matter where you sat, you were behind a Pole

Q: What is long and hard that a Polish bride gets on her wedding night?
A: A new last name.

Q: Who wears a forest ranger's hat and carries a can of kerosene?
A: Stanislaus the Fire Prevention Bear of the Polish National Forest Service.

Q: How did the Germans conquer Poland so fast?
A: They marched in backwards and the Polish thought they were leaving.

Q: Why wasn't Christ born in Poland?
A: Because they couldn't find three wisemen and a virgin.

Q: Why did the Polak think his wife was trying to kill him?
A: He found a bottle of "Polish Remover" on her dressing table.

Q: How do you sink a polish battleship?
A: Put it in water.

Q: What time was it when the monster ate the Polish prime minister?
A: Eight P.M.

Q: How do you know if your in front of a Polish firing squad?
A: They are standing in a circle.

Q: Why did the Polak sell his water skis?
A: He couldn't find a lake with a hill in it.

Q: What did the Polish mother say when her daughter announced that she was pregnant?
A: Are you sure it's yours?

Q: How does every Polish joke start?
A: By looking over your shoulder

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