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Lord of the Rings Jokes

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Q: What do you call the wraith king?
A: A ring leader!

Q: What did the drunken hobbit say when he bumped into the wizard?
A: Saruman, I didn't see you there!

Q: What do you call a dark lord that works at KFC?
A: Lord of the Wings

Q: What did Frodo say when he saw the trees dancing?
A: That's ENT-ertainment!

Q: What do the hobbits secretly call Gandalf when he drinks too much ale?
A: The White Whizzer!

Q: What is Gollum's favorite bird?
A: A Smea-gull!

Q: How many quarters does it take to play the new Lord of the Rings arcade game?
A: None... it only takes Tolkiens!

Q: Why did Frodo read The Lord of the Rings 50 times?
A: Because it was hobbit-forming!

Q: What did Borimir say to the Rolling Stones?
A: Have you not heard? One does not simply rock into Mordor!

Q: How did the hobbit ruin the boxing match?
A: He tried to destroy the ring!

Q: What did Pippen do when he got drunk?
A: He began to feel Merry!

Q: Why was it so hard to storm Sauron's lair?
A: Because no matter how many you opened, there were always Mor dor!

Q: What did Frodo say when he saw the elves dancing?
A: It must be Christmas time.

Q: Why did they come out with a Lord of the Rings movie?
A: The fans were Baggins for it

Q: What do you call a wizard who can hit a white ball with a club?
A: Cangolf

Q: What is the difference between Sauron and The Easter Bunny?
A: Nobody knows, no one has seen either one.

Q: Who did Saruman get married to?
A: Sarugirl

Q: What happened when Sam pulled Gandalf's finger for a second time?
A: Gandalf released Morwen.

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