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Korea, Korean Jokes

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Q: What do you call an Asian basketball player with a hook shot?
A: Korean Abdul Jabbar

Q: What does the Korean bread say when it hit the wall?
A: Bhang!

Q: What is Korean Dracula's favorite morning beverage?
A: Koh-peee! (coffee)

Q: What did the mommy Korean turkey say to her baby turkey?
A: Gobble ji mah!

Q: What do you call the brown burnt rice at the bottom of the rice cooker?
A: bob ee brown! (Bobby Brown)

Q: How many Koreans does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: It doesn't matter because they're all too short.

Q: What time was it when the monster ate the Korean prime minister?
A: Eight P.M.

Q: What do you call a Korean protest?
A: a situASIAN.

Q: What do Koreans do during erections?
A: They vote.

Q: What do you call a Japanese protest?

Q: Why is Korean toilet paper so big?
A: Because it's HUGE-ey!

Q: What did the Korean father tell his daughter?
A: You’re allergic to bees? Good! Either get A's on your report card or C your way out of my house!

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