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Greek Mythology Jokes

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Q: Why doesn't Aphrodite date tennis players?
A: Because love means nothing to them

Q: What do you call a movie about eating healthy?
A: My Big Fat Greek Yogurt.

Q: What did Poseidon say to the sea monster?
A: What's Kraken?

Q: What are Greek houses made out of?
A: Greeks and con-Crete!

Q: Who did Artemis invite to her birthday party?
A: Her nearest and deer-est friends.

Q: What game did the Greek Gods play?
A: Hydra and go seek.

Q: What did the Ancient Greeks wear on their feet?
A: Tennis Zeus.

Q: How do Greek women get ready for a toga party?
A: With A Hera appointment.

Q: Have you seen the movies about Greek Mythology?
A: No? Well, you Odyssey them.

Q: What do you call a musician petrified by Medusa?
A: A rockstar.

Q: What breed of horse was the Trojan horse?
A: A nightmare

Q: What is Apollo's favorite indie rock band?
A: Walk The Moon.

Q: Why does Ares only have a Sony Playstation?
A: Because he is the "God Of War"

Q: Why did god invent wine?
A: So Dionysus could never rule the world.

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