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Economy Jokes

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Q: How is the bad economy affecting Dr. Seuss?
A: He's now eating Green Eggs and Spam!

Q: What new chapter is S&P forecasting for the American Economy?
A: Chapter 11

Q: What is Barack Obama's new slogan in these tough times?
A: Spare Change You Can Believe In!

Q: What does AIG stand for?
A: Adventures in Greed!

Q: Why are Women more pessimistic about the economy then Men?
A: Because men are in charge of the economy!

Q: What will happen if the DOW average falls any further?
A: They'll add a N to the end of it!

Q: What are Mcdonald's employees asking customers in this bad economy?
A: Can you afford fries with that?

Q: Why is there no gold at the end of the rainbow?
A: The Leprechaun took it and sold it to Cash4Gold!

Q: How is the bad economy affecting women in Beverly Hills?
A: For the first time they are using the sun to get a tan!

Q: Can Barack Obama's economic policies create millions of new jobs?
A: Yes, but they are all for Afghani soldiers!

Q: How do you know that the Debt Ceiling debate is a complete mess?
A: Al Qaeda is trying to find a way to take credit for it!

Q: Why does President Obama think its good that gas prices have fallen? A: Because now people can afford to drive the cars they're living in! Q: How bad is the economy? A: When Bill and Hilary Clinton travel together they have to share a room!

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