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Cricket Jokes

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Q: What is a bugs favourite sport?
A: Cricket!

Q: What's the South African version of LBW?
A: Lost, Beaten, Walloped.

Q: What is the difference between an Pakistani fielder and a condom?
A: One drops a catch and other catches a drop

Q: Why can't fat people play cricket?
A: Because they block the wickets.

Q: Why did the cricket bowler never sweat?
A: Because he had such huge fans!

Q: Who has the easiest job on the Bangladesh Cricket squad?
A: The guy who removes the red ball marks from the bats.

Q: What is the West Indies version of a hat-trick?
A: 3 runs in 3 balls

Q: What did the spectator miss when he went to the toilet?
A: The entire South African innings.

Q: When would an Aussie cricketer have 100 runs against his name?
A: When he is bowling.

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